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PbG - Private bilinguale Ganztagsschule

Welcome to the PbG website!

Our children are born with a natural passion for learning. It is this passion that drives them to walk and talk and acquire all the other skills and abilities that make us human. Every school should endeavor to preserve and nurture this passion.

I know from first-hand experience that schools are struggling to deliver on this today. I taught at a combined elementary/secondary school (Hauptschule) in Hesse for over 30 years, and this inspired me to introduce something new to our school system. That is why I founded PbG – the Private Bilingual All-day School in Wiesbaden.

At our school, it is not about children cramming as many subjects as possible – it’s about them learning to learn. We teach the children facts, skills and methods for finding, preparing and presenting information in a way that stays with them beyond school. Furthermore, the children learn important social skills such as responsibility, team spirit, and the ability to communicate and to deal with conflict.

PbG’s educational concept combines tried and tested educational techniques with new methods of teaching and learning based on current neurological findings on learning. All these elements are already being employed successfully in schools. At the heart of our concept is our excellent student-teacher ratio which is equivalent to 9 to 1. This enables us to effectively focus our attention on each student, taking his or her personal aptitude and situation into account. This creates an atmosphere which keeps children’s passion for learning alive and makes for an enjoyable and successful time at school.

We care about the education of our children. This is why PbG, while a private school, is a non-profit enterprise, whose mission it is to enable as many children as possible to attend PbG, regardless of their origin or social background.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and creating a new kind of school in Wiesbaden with your help.